Emergency Medical Assistance


Emergency Medical Response, Stabilization and Transportation

Emergency Medical response benefits are available in South Africa only

Principal Member

Operational Details:

24 HOUR CALL NUMBER:     086 143 2222

SERVICE HOURS:     24 hours a day, 365 days a year


All Members should read and understand the terms and conditions applicable to the provision of the benefits and services and pay special attention to all the terms printed in bold. The full text of the terms and conditions are available at HFC offices. Please contact or call HFC on 086 143 2222 if anything is not clear.

If the Contact Centre is NOT contacted in the 1st instance, any costs incurred will be for the Member’s own account.

Emergency Medical Response, Stabilization and Transportation

In the event of a medical emergency, as contemplated in this Agreement, HFC shall procure that –

the ER24 contact centre or any other suitable service provider engaged by written agreement between the parties, will immediately dispatch an appropriate road or air ambulance which is staffed by their appropriately qualified emergency medical care practitioners. Once at the scene of the incident, lifesaving support will be provided to the patient and where relevant, the patient will be stabilised before transfer is provided to the closest most appropriate medical facility / as per client customised requirements;

a team of medical professionals will prioritize a transfer of the patient based on medical conditions, the degree of urgency, the patient’s state and fitness to travel. Other considerations include but are not limited to airport availability, weather conditions and distance to be covered as assessed by the attending doctor. The emergency medical centre contact centre and operational team will determine whether transport will be provided by medically equipped helicopter, regular scheduled flight or road.