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SmartWallet Account • Fuel Cashback • Garnishee investigations • Funeral Assistance • Grocery Coupons • AND MORE

It’s like cash, but safer and more convenient!

SmartWallet Membership

• SmartWallet account • Prepaid Card • Fuel Cashback • Garnishee Investigations • R5,000 Funeral Assistance • Up to R750 Grocery E-Coupons p/m • Lifestyle Rewards

All these benefits for only R39 per month and a Once-off activity & Courier fee of R200

Smart Payments

Pay and send money to anyone, anytime - wherever you are

Have you ever needed to withdraw cash to pay someone? What a hassle!

You can use your SmartWallet account to send cash to any other banks, transfer between SmartWallets free of charge, for the recipient to withdraw at any ABSA ATM. Making a payment between wallets will be much easier and the money would be available immediately to the recipient, wherever they may be.

Buy groceries, deposit and withdraw cash at Shoprite & Checkers stores

Have you ever had a trolley full of goods at the till before realizing that you left your wallet or purse at home?  No worries, you can now shop or withdraw cash by using your mobile phone with our SmartWallet account QR scanner. Paying has never been this easy.

You can use the online wallet account at most outlets, by providing a QR code created by your SmartWallet online account.  You simply scan the point of sale device.

Prepaid Data & Airtime

Buying prepaid data and airtime has become an essential part of life for many South Africans. 

You can now buy prepaid airtime and data at any time using your SmartWallet app.  Help your family or friends by sending them prepaid data and airtime using your SmartWallet account.

Besides the convenience, speed, and user-friendliness, you are also not charged a fee for making airtime and data purchases within your SmartWallet account.

Wallet to Wallet transfers

A SmartWallet to SmartWallet transfer reflects immediately.

Ever needed cash immediately? Now it’s possible. By transacting from your SmartWallet to SmartWallet, you can send and receive money within seconds. No more waiting periods in an emergency!

You can use the online wallet account at most outlets, by providing a QR code created by your SmartWallet online account.  You simply scan the point of sale device.

Empower your employees

You can make an active contribution to your fellow South Africans by introducing them to the SmartWallet accounts. By connecting your employees to SmartWallet accounts, no more hassle for employers to pay staff.

Your employees can open their own accounts within minutes, accessible from their mobile phone, and can use their mobile to send and receive their salary, buy goods in stores and withdraw cash – wherever they are.

More Benefits

Send Money Home

You qualify for up to 1 Prepaid Card on your SmartWallet.


Mobile wallets and virtual currencies will change the way we transact and do business. We offer clients and Merchants the opportunity to become part of the new world and share in the savings our services deliver. Gone are the days of standing in queues.


SmartWallet Lifestyle Rewards program includes a basket of rewards, selected store coupons, services and benefits including:

Funeral Assistance, Fuel Cash back, Trauma Counselling, Emergency Medical response and many more.

Your SmartWallet Account

An e-wallet that gives you all the convenience of a normal bank account.


Create and pay Beneficiaries from your Mobile …. Quick & Easy!

View your Statements

View your Account and Card balance from your Mobile and save.

Buy Airtime & Data

Use your Mobile to buy airtime or data for you or someone else.

Send Money Home

Transfer money to your loved ones. Simply use your Mobile.