Prepaid Card Account

Not comfortable yet with our Smart Payment system? Don’t worry, we have a Prepaid Card for you. 

For a minimal once off charge and courier fee, you can order our Prepaid Card that will be linked to your wallet.

No hassle, no fuss, just easy!

Obtain up to 1 Prepaid Card per wallet

Transacting at the comfort of your own home. Send and receive with ease.


Card Order

—VIP Membership Included—

• SmartWallet online account
• Prepaid Card
• Fuel Cashback
• Garnishee Investigations
• R5,000 Funeral Assistance
• R750 eCoupons p/m
• Lifestyle Rewards

All these benefits for only R35 per month and a once-off activation fee of R200

Don't Have Our Wallet Yet?

Send us an email with your valid ID, Passport, Asylum or Refugee to